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Window Furniture & Fittings

If you are renovating your home with the intention of returning it to its former glory, then sash window fittings must be a priority. Decorating & Restoration Service are able to source most window furniture and fittings to suit most box sash windows. Sash windows comprise a bottom and top “sash” which slide up and down past each other. Typical hardware includes a fastener and lifting handles, with many optional accessories.


With rising crime rates, security locks should be fitted to all external windows and doors. Various catches effectively bring the sashes into a locked position, however, the screws holding these in place are small and these catches should not be considered an effective security measure.

We have a range of security options available, including secure stops with 30mm barrels and key operated. This allows for 10cm of movement for both the top and bottom sash enabling the windows to be opened a bit for air circulation but remain securely locked. These are ideal for additional security and window safety for children.

Cords and Servicing

Your existing sash ropes may be many years old. They may look shabby, show signs of decay or they may be covered in paint. Painted ropes become brittle and like decayed ropes, they will eventually snap. The sash cords we supply are made from waxed cotton and contain polypropylene core.

The wax protects the cotton and allows for self-lubrication on the pulley wheel while the nylon core provides inner strength. This type of rope will last generations and is the type of rope more suited to typical domestic properties with sash windows. We can supply other types of rope. For example, pure white double braided nylon or red fleck waxed cotton of the type often seen in historic properties. However, to ensure that the ropes continue to look and function properly, it is still important to keep them free of paint.

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