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How will draught proofing my sash windows help?

Airspace is inherent to the design of sash windows; it is necessary to allow the window to move. The Sash Draught Proofing Window System will simply fill this gap with a soft brush, creating a barrier to all of those unwanted nasties and keeping valuable heat in. Your home will instantly become a cosier, cleaner, safer environment, not to mention cheaper and greener to run.

Will this require planning permission?

You won’t need planning permission for this; draught proofing sash windows are fully approved by English Heritage and conservation officers. In fact, thanks to a government green initiative, only 5% VAT is charged for this service. It is also strongly advised by the Energy Saving Trust.

Will it be visible?

No. Using the Sash Draught Proofing Sash Windows System, the brush strips, known as a weather fin piles, are fitted between the inner and outer frames, sealing the gap. They will literally become part of the frame. This cannot be seen unless you get very close and have the window open.

How will it affect the movement of the sash window?

During the installation process, we completely remove, re-hang and rebalance each sash window. They will slide easily and won’t rattle. Where necessary, the frames themselves will be expertly restored, ready for draught proofing. Consider it a full service!

How do we do it?

    • First windows are fully dismantled from the inside, and the sashes are removed to a designated working area.
    • The existing cords/ beading and weights are also removed and set aside. If any repairs to the timber frame are needed, they can be done at this time and are separately itemised and priced.
    • The box and sashes are scraped back to bare timber, removing years of paint build-up, and ensuring the sashes slide smoothly when the components are reassembled.
    • If the full decoration service has been selected (which we highly recommend), at this stage we can fully prep and decorate your sashes and boxes, allowing us to achieve a far superior finish than if the sashes are painted in their frames.
    • When the sashes are removed for Restoration works, Draught Proofing or painting we do aim to refit the sashes back in place by the end of the day if possible! If it is not then we boarded securely from the inside to keep the elements out, and to keep your property secure.
    • We machine a narrow channel to areas of the sashes to house the weather pile system, which creates a seal around the sashes, offering excellent draught prevention.
    • The sashes are weighed and correctly rebalanced using lead bars where necessary in addition to the original steel weights, then re-corded using top-quality nylon core sash cord. The sashes are tested to ensure they are moving smoothly with very little effort.
    • Timber staff and parting beads compliant for use in listed buildings and conservation areas are installed to ensure a draught proof functional window.
    • The weather pile system is barely visible. However, the difference in functionality and resistance to the elements is immediately felt.

Sash Window Draught Proofing from £190.00 – £260.00

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