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Unlike some of our competitors, we do strongly believe that the replacement of original period sash windows should only ever be considered if the windows are in a condition that is simply beyond economical repair. We often find that many of the calls that we receive are from people that have previously obtained quotes from other sash window companies of which many clients report that the advice they had been given is for the need of a complete new sash box window replacement.

We find that in a significant proportion of these cases the client may well have been provided with what we feel could be an incorrect evaluation of the problem. It is a fact that a large number of period box sash windows can successfully be restored at the costs that are far more viably economical than it would be for a full box replacement.

Maybe you have sash windows at your home or a traditional stable door – these are features that make your house traditional and rustic. If your sash windows become worn down and tatty over the years, D.R.Service can restore and repair your windows, bring them back to their former glory. Imagine the beautiful quality and appeal of traditional sash windows and then imagine all of that charm without any of the annoyances – those irritating rattles, draughts and those odd windows which refuse to slide. Sash windows have been a feature of many Hertfordshire & Cambridgeshire historic buildings for many years and there is an aspiration to keep hold of these unique constructive features in their original form.

Window care systems: Epoxy resin repairs

The most common reasons for wood decay are due to moisture ingress at the end-grain joints, nails, screw holes, breakdown of glazing putties and mastics. DRY FLEX® resin can be used with a timber splice to repair badly decayed windows, frames, sills and strengthen gaps and joints. (Structural stabilization)

This system allows in-situ repairs to be carried out to any timber affected by wood decay. This method gives both preventative and curative protection to all joinery, whether it is the sympathetic repair of a fairly new residential property or a period building. We can ensure that all of the existing timber that can be saved will be saved.

However, if the profiled timbers are so badly deteriorated that they cannot be repaired purely by the Repair Care System then we are able to duplicate the window parts and replace damaged components of the windows to keep to their true authenticity. DRY FLEX® resin come in three different flexible types for filling blemishes or mortise and tenon joints too larger damaged areas. The resins are flexible, and unlike other fillers, they will not crack over time!

We advise all clients to keep their paperwork from DRS as this will help with the sale of your property if ever you sell!

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